Wil Agreement Rmit

Note: Due to the current situation with COVID-19, it is mandatory that all placements be made entirely online from home at this time. If your internship is with an essential service and you need to work in a personal environment, please contact our team at bus.wil@rmit.edu.au for another interview. Be sure to attach and upload the 3 required documents – academic approval, your signed WIL agreement and your employment contract before submitting If you wish to copy and paste, the web address of this item is: mams.rmit.edu.au/r683zkz5fy24.pdf Be sure to contact your course coordinator if you are concerned about the corona virus (COVID19) and your WIL activity. The format can range from a 15-minute Q&A session with students (supported by the course coordinator) to a 30-minute presentation, recorded or live. These WIL activities are an important advantage in your RESUME. If you are doing an internship abroad, you will need to register your data with RMIT`s Global Mobility System Mobi to benefit from free RMIT student travel insurance and access to the INTERNATIONAL SOS: Wil Agreement Relationship RMIT + Organisation (Multiple Students) summary – Appendix 2 only. To prepare for your internship, we strongly recommend that you complete the WIL Ready Cred. Online projects are free for your business and our students can provide a variety of results, e.B. solve a business challenge, work on a process review or improvement, develop an application or other technical solution, or prepare a business plan or campaign – and much more! If you have found a job independently (outside of CareerHub), you must email the job description on the relevant company`s letterhead for approval to the Business WIL team and we will contact you. Virtual internships provide cost-effective and flexible resources to support your business goals, as well as direct access to the next generation of employees. .