Security Benefit Salary Reduction Agreement

4. You can only choose a specified dollar amount if you reduce your salary by more than 6%. Implementation: This wage reduction agreement (the “agreement”) replaces all previous salary reduction agreements for the person mentioned below (the “worker”) in accordance with the 403 (b) Tax Sheltered Annuity Plan (the “Plan”), proposed by the Federal Way School District, King County, Washington (the “employer”), also known as the Federal Way Public Schools. The salary reduction outlined in this agreement begins from the first pay cheque to the actual start date listed below, provided that this form is received by the employer before the reference date based on salary. This agreement remains effective until a new agreement is presented. 3. Define the dollar or percentage you want to take from your cheque. A dollar amount is a specified amount that you want to reduce (by salary period or per year) and a percentage would be a percentage of your salary. If you select a new credit carrier, you MUST include documentation that created an account with the new federally linked creditor. Credit accounts linked to former employers should not be used for federal contributions.

Federal Way allows you to bring up to 3 different suppliers. If you replace/replace or replace a previous salary reduction agreement or launch/insert a new salary reduction agreement, you must select at least one credit president. If this is one of the 5 forms that must be submitted in a group to create an active salary deposit place for a new credit holder, select “Other” in the pulldown field and write in the printed version of the form in the names of the creditors (all 5 forms must be forwarded to CCC). If you don`t want to fill out the SRA form filling out on this page and click the “Create a White SRA Form” button below, manually fill out, sign, exhale and deliver to Federal Way: use this form to request a regular exchange from an investment option to one or more investment options. If you enter your information in the form to be filled out below, then click the “Create a Printable SRA Form” button, Create a printable salary reduction form that will be printed, signed by you, and then forwarded to Federal Way with the documentation that you have opened an account with each of the selected suppliers: the CARES Act was signed on March 27, 2020 to provide economic assistance to those affected by the COVID-19 EVASION. Among the main provisions of the law that affect old age benefits are: 2. Enter the date of the cheque at which the amount is to be deducted. This form allows you to transfer funds from one account to another internally. (This includes transferring assets from one employer plan to another employer plan). With this form, you can automatically transfer account values to keep a certain percentage of allocation between your current and future investment options.