Sears Warranty Master Protection Agreement

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA — Since the mid-1980s, I have owned or purchased Sears Appliances. Unfortunately, I had two very bad experiences with master protection agreements on Kenmore Appliances, which led me to terminate my account. The last straw, during a visit on December 6, 2017, when technicians openly told my wife that she broke the lace of scope and therefore it was not covered by the agreement. In fact, I had been home when the initial problem appeared and KNOW that the baking sheet broke due to differential temperature and heat. So I`m very angry. Can`t get sears to fix the refrigerator. Parts were purchased on “provision” I bought a heater and A/c warranty protection plan and they forwarded me for two hours on the phone saying that different services have to process it. They told me that my unit was not interchangeable. To terminate these agreements, you can call the Sears Protection Agreement Office at 1-800-827-6655. An agent under this number is happy to help.

I`d like to join a complaint against Sears. The number of hours I spent going to one person and having my fridge repaired is incredible, unless you have worked with Sears. They came out 6 times and I tried to get endless times and hours to get what I think is a “ghost” dept. I started this June 5th and had to eat and buy ice cream for 3 months. I`m the SICK of Sears!!!!!! I have documented who I spoke to, when and for how long, and I have 16 pages typed with notes. I`m glad I`m not alone with this! I`ve been looking after Sears for a month. Our washing machine is off and still waiting for parts. I can`t bring someone in to help me. I did not answer the phone for an hour and a half. I had to collapse and buy a new washing machine. I can`t walk without a washing machine. Sears must pay to keep them from contracting.

Not happy, I have the same problem with Sears. My fridge isn`t working very well. I have so many repairs and a Sear technology that thought it was repairable, and they still won`t help me. I also bought the master`s contract. Is the Sears-Appliance warranty worth it? Your warranty packages are good value at a slightly higher price compared to the competition. Given its usefulness, reputation and trusted name, Sears Home Warranty is a good choice if you`re looking for a cheap package with high coverage limits and a treatment guarantee. I like the new multi-appliance warranty I bought. The technician who visited my tumble dryer was very polite and competent. NEW JERSEY – I had a Sears protection contract for our C. systems for 20 years. We have had many complaints over the years about the non-approval of their contractual terms, but after noisy and frequent complaints, Sears would pass.

Not anymore. The last couple dates were all nightmares. Dec. 2017 – The heating doesn`t work. Sears cannot schedule the service for 6 days. Uses a local repair service. Sears tried to refuse the refund. It took a lot of phone calls and emails to get Sears, to finally refund us $262. MAY 2018 – Maintenance A/C scheduled for 8 days.

The appointment was never confirmed. I bought a samsung washing machine and tumble dryer from Sears and got a 5-year repair warranty. Lately, the tumble dryer has made a lot of noise, squeaks and slams. When I call sears Home, they want to hear it on the phone. Despite the loud noises emanating from him, they claim that they either can`t hear it or that the sounds are completely normal.