Phcs Discount Agreement

If the MultiPlan Savings Program logo is displayed on your Cigna badge, you can get discounts if you use an unconnected, non-participating physician or institution participating in the network savings program. Discounts are not guaranteed. Savings – Negotiated discounts that result in significant cost savings when you visit network providers, maximizing their benefits. A PHCS logo on your health insurance card tells you and your provider that a PHCS discount applies. The offer agreements cover manuals containing detailed information on a number of issues such as reimbursement, notification information and dispute resolution. You may also find it helpful to download a copy of our short-view guide that answers most of the service-related questions and the Authorized Logo Guide. In accordance with LARS 22:1879, the information provided in this schedule is based on information provided to MultiPlan Corporation by institutions and practitioners participating in the PHCS network and MultiPlan networks. These offers may not be complete and may be updated, as MultiPlan Corporation receives additional information from participating institutions and practitioners. Before seeking assistance from a provider mentioned here, please contact the provider to confirm network participation, location and reception of new patients.

Members have the right to obtain accurate and easy-to-understand information about us, the services we provide, the providers of our networks, the rights of our network providers, and how to contact us about concerns about our services or networks. MultiPlan can help you find the supplier of your choice. Just call (888) 371-7427 Monday to Friday from .m 8 to 8 p.m. .m (Eastern Standard Time) and identify yourself as a health plan participant who accesses the PHCS Network for Limited reference plans. You can also online: MultiPlan16 Crosby DriveBedford, MA 01730Attn: Corporate Quality Management Members have the right to obtain health care without discrimination. MultiPlan network providers (or PHCS) are contractually prevented from distinguishing or discriminating against members because of certain characteristics of their members and are required to provide these services to all members in the same manner, in accordance with the same standards and availability offered to other network manager patients. Members have the right to communicate with network providers when making decisions about your health care without getting involved. If you are currently visiting a doctor or other physician who is not participating in the PHCS network, you can use the online service provider`s referral system in the “Patients” section, which allows you to name the provider in minutes via an online form.