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The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public body. Therefore, all requests received by SI are in the public domain. If you are applying to Creative Force, you will need the name and contact details of the person responsible for the Swedish applicant organisation and key international partners. We use this information to process your application. When we provide you with funding, we will occasionally use this information for advertising, analytical or monitoring purposes. This information may also be communicated to the staff of Swedish diplomatic missions in the countries concerned. Read our privacy policy. The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, commonly known as the Berne Convention, is an international copyright agreement that was first adopted in Bern, Switzerland, in 1886. [1] This information may not be disclosed without the consent of the author. It is a program to support international projects. It is open to Swedish organisations and their partners in our destination countries who, through the media or art, work to strengthen democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. It offers two types of grants: UI letters are brief comments on international topics, events or trends related to the IUI`s priority areas.

UI Papers are working papers and similar manuscripts that report on the results of research on UI priority areas. Both publications are written by UI researchers, visiting scholars, or other researchers interested in publishing with ui. The right of exploitation may be granted by the Office in the absence of an agreement between the parties. With the agreement of the rapporteur, I would like to present it to you. When these agreements were signed, there were companies in the electricity sector that did not benefit from a ECA. Collaborative projects are larger projects that should include knowledge exchange, capacity building or method development. We advise you to apply for this type of grant to develop a project that has received pre-initial funding. You and your international partner can apply for a grant of up to 12 months, i.e. a maximum of 24 months (from the date of award).

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