English Bulldog Agreement

This is the complete agreement between the Castlewood Bulldogs and the buyer and no other conditions apply to this sale. The buyer acknowledges that he has read, understood and accepted the terms of this health and sale guarantee contract. This written agreement is a binding legal contract entered into in the State of Missouri, County Ozark, pursuant to the Castlewood Bulldogs Health and Sales Control Agreement. The buyer agrees to purchase the named__________________________________________________ puppies from Diamond Bulldogs at the of_______________ separate delivery fee if necessary. (The fee is usually about 400 to 500.00 depending on the method of shipping.) Buyers are aware that English bulldogs are vulnerable to heat stroke and are responsible for providing a healthy environment for their new puppy. The buyer has also researched, is competent and is aware of the common conditions that may be involved in the usual and typical development of a bulldog with veterinary treatments and expenses with the possession of a bulldog. Check out our Bulldog care and information pages and/or go www.bulldogworld.com a very informative website for bulldog owners. The following conditions are not covered by the congenital and hereditary health guarantee: deidecatic eating, entropy, loose hips, skin allergies, cokbicides, giardia, internal parasites, bacterial or viral infections (except for what the puppy was vaccinated for), the soft palate and nose. It is recommended that the buyer have this puppy examined within 3 working days by a competent and licensed veterinarian of buyer choice to assure them that they have purchased a healthy puppy.

This is done at the expense of buyers. Under no circumstances is POSH BULLDOGS responsible for all veterinary invoices purchased by the buyer for this puppy. Minor, racial, treatable or rectable conditions, or any condition that may disappear or a condition that the puppy develops and does not endanger its life are not covered. POSH BULLDOGS GIVE PAS REFUNDS (except for genetic diseases or diseases that were present at the time of sale and are found within 3 working days). We only give a substitute puppy if a congenital defect or genetic disease is detected during the 6-month warranty period after, as long as all other health provisions are complied with in this contract and there is no sign of puppy neglect or abuse. In both cases, it is necessary: 1. a written statement from a veterinarian approved and secured by laboratory work or x-rays on the nature and extent of the problem. 2. A second and confirmed vet`s opinion that POSH BULLDOGS has approved to examine the puppy for congenital defects and/or negligence or abuse on the part of the buyer. 3.

Give us back the puppy and AKC papers at the buyer`s expense. If you are not prepared to put puppy and AKC papers in the possession of POSH BULLDOG, we are not responsible for the medical expenses incurred and we are not part of the healing process. 4. Proof that the puppy has been examined by a certified veterinarian no later than three (3) working days after receiving the puppy. If the veterinarian diagnoses that the puppy has a fatal genetic disease within (3) working days and all of the above criteria are met, we will refund your money. If a fatal genetic disease is found within the six-month warranty period and all of the above criteria are met, we will replace an equivalent puppy if it is available.