Educational Service Agreement

These forms are used when TRU provides a service that is billed. Empty ESA forms are available in the financial field. The “in compliance” and “Contract Terms” account sections should be finalized and the client, the initiator (often a program coordinator) and the Dean/Director Division should have signed the ESA before it is sent to Finance. ESA should be accompanied by a comprehensive budget encryption form and signed for teaching contracts (see page 73). Please note that budget encryption is a confidential document that is intended only for internal use. In exceptional circumstances, other departments may use their own contracts for services. These are the only circumstances in which a contract other than ours is used. ” i. Financial. For example: `Developing Payroll Plans` -Choose Benefit Packages – Determining Retirement Options – Budgeting and Financial Forecasts – Cash Management – Accounting – Account Vote – Managing all federal, regional and communal grants – Purchase – All other functions traditionally performed by a public school`s corporate service office C. Payment. In addition to the fee described in this section, the TRG Academy reimburses all costs incurred by TR for the provision of the training program and other goods and services under this agreement, except under Article VII, provided that these fees are in accordance with the Academy`s budget approved by the Academy Council. These costs include, among others, advertising, typing, printing, duplication, postage, application fees, school programs, textbooks, library books, computers, accessories and related expenses of FIT staff assigned to the Academy for the provision of goods and services to the Academy, payment of buildings, maintenance, capital improvement.

FIT cannot claim, compensate or pay business expenses and overheads; Compensation for all these expenses and overheads is included in the head tax. Operating and overhead costs include, among other things, rent, utilities, equipment, accessories, plant staff, business payslips, vehicles, business travel and other service charges related to school maintenance. To the extent that FIT collects and collects the fees for which the Academy is responsible, no increase in the costs of these goods and services is made by FIT. The salaries of FIT employees who are not attached to the Academy are the sole responsibility of the FIT. D. Outsourcing. TRG reserves the right to sign all aspects of any other service it intends to provide to the Academy, including, but not limited to transportation, food, payslip and/or computer services, with prior authorization from the Academy`s Board of Directors. FIT cannot outsource the direction, supervision, staff or operation of the teaching and teaching program unless expressly authorized or with the prior approval of the Academy`s Board of Directors. Notwithstanding the above, TRG remains responsible to the Academy for the quality of these services it signs, as well as for the compliance with the contract and the applicable law by these subcontractors.

In addition, the Academy does not pay any fees or surcharges for such subcontracting. B. Educational program.