Collective Agreement Uottawa

If you are looking for previous collective agreements, please click here. The university`s support staff went on strike on 19 October after the parties failed to reach an agreement in the last 19 months of negotiations. More than 1,300 University of Ottawa auxiliaries have interrupted their strike pending ratification of a new interim agreement between their union and the post-secondary institution. Note: Rand Formula beneficiaries have the right to be represented by the local union for violations of the collective agreement, in accordance with the duty of fair representation since then. For any questions, please contact the association apuo under uottawa dot ca or (613) 230-3659. These workers pay dues as described in the local union statutes and deducted from the employer by a collective agreement. Details of the agreement will not be made public until the agreement has been ratified by the union, the university`s executive committee and the Board of Governors. The Rand formula establishes the legality of direct debits for all those covered by a collective agreement. This prevents “parasites” or workers who would benefit from union activities but do not want to pay taxes. “We greatly appreciate these employees because they play a crucial role in your learning experience and in our university business,” says the email sent by Studentaffairs Assistant Vice President Eric Bercier. “That`s why, over the past 19 months, we`ve worked hard to get a collective agreement negotiated with their union.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have not been able to,” “A rand formula recipient is an employee of a collective agreement unit who pays union dues in accordance with the collective agreement and the local union statutes, but who has not gone through the process of becoming a member of the union`s good reputation. If your T4 licence has not been issued, is not in your account or you have not received it, please contact Human Resources at 613-562-5832 or email The staff office is located in Tabaret Hall, Room 019. If you are having problems with human resources, please contact us by email at or by phone at 613-562-5345. Any employee who is not a member of Good Standing remains a beneficiary of La Formula. The PSUO-SSUO bargaining unit received a “final offer” from the university on October 15, according to the union, which called the team “unacceptable.” Until the union is able to reach an agreement before the end of the weekend, the strike will start as planned (announced last Thursday). The T4 and T4A may display similar amounts, although they play different roles. The university sends a message on the T4 Slips to your email address, which may be different from your student email. The uOttawa Assistance Staff Negotiation Unit (PSUO-SSUO) reached an agreement with the university following discussions negotiated on Thursday evening. The collective agreement also includes declarations of intent.