Advertising Rate Contract Agreement

5. Brief assessment. If the advertiser made a commitment in accordance with the advertising commitment of this agreement and at the end of the commitment clause in the advertising undertaking, it purchased either less volume (customs/pages/impressions) of advertisements than provided in the advertising commitment, either (ii) exceeded the minimum revenue commitment agreed in the advertising commitment, if the publisher`s standard prices are higher than the prices paid by the advertiser during the duration of the engagement, (a) the difference between the standard rate and the commitment rate is charged to the advertiser for all ads that have been shown during the duration of the engagement (a) the advertiser is charged by the standard rate (and is required to pay). , above) for all ads that appear after the engagement period. By this agreement, the person, company or organization that signed, as the Advertiser, and The Metropolis Times, the following, agree as follows: The company appoints the advertising agency as an agent to provide advertising for publication in newspaper I at the prices listed in the first calendar. If the advertising rates are changed by the company, the company will deliver the copy to the registered mail advertising agency. F. Choice of Law and Forum All advertising-related issues are governed by the laws of the Province of Manitoba applicable to contracts that are executed in full. Any action by the advertiser against Lester in connection with the advertisement must be brought in provincial courts in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The parties heres presently accept the jurisdiction of the provincial courts in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with respect to advertising actions. L. No attribution of advertisers and its agency shall not directly or indirectly affect advertising space to companies, organizations, businesses, products or services that are not provided by Lester, nor the advertiser or agency may authorize others to use advertising space. This means that the publisher has run enough to qualify for the 13-week contract. Although the advertiser was previously billed and hopefully paid for the 16 ads it put on the 26-week contract, the billing service will now decrease and recalculate the sixteen ads at the 13-week rate, which is obviously a higher rate.