Action Agreement

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a senior Democrat, assessed the prospects for war differently by distinguishing between nuclear and non-nuclear aspects of the deal. In any case, he asked whether or not we were better off with the agreement, and he concluded: “If it is the nuclear aspects of the agreement within ten years, we might be a little better off. But when it comes to the nuclear aspects after ten years and the non-nuclear aspects, we would be better off without them. Then Schumer evaluated the Iranian government and said, “Who is going to say that this dictatorship will not prevail for ten, twenty or thirty more years? For me, the very real risk that Iran will not relax and instead use the deal to pursue its infamous goals is too great. Finally, Mr. Schumer said: “I will vote for the rejection of the deal, not because I think war is a viable or desirable option, nor to question the path of diplomacy.